Slice Menu

As well as full pizzas in 14″ and 22″ formats, we offer 5 pizzas by the slice every day of the week, cut from our 22″ pies.

Here’s what we’re currently serving up, available until at 10pm each day (and until 11pm on weekends)

Nell’s Slice Menu

OG Cheese (V) g/m
The New York classic. Simply: house tomato sauce, mozzarella blend, finished with evoo and parm £2.5
Marinara Plus (VE) g
Marinara base, chopped black olive, breadcrumbs, basil oil, and fresh basil. No cheese. £2.25
Burrata (V) g/m
Marinara base, British Burrata, basil oil, fresh basil, black pepper. £3.75
Mushroom (VE) g/n/s
Roast garlic cashew cream base, chilli flakes, mushrooms, marinara sauce, thyme, and evoo. £3.25
Do You ‘Roni, Honey? g/m
N’duja and pepperoni from Cobble Lane, tomato sauce, mozzarella blend, finished with chilli honey and parm £3.75