Beloved Northern Quarter stalwart Common have carved out their own slice of the Big Apple, with NYC inspired pizza shop Nell’s sequestering themselves in the NQ bar’s kitchen since mid-February. Nell’s is the brainchild of Common owner Jonny Heyes, who explained to us how he was always confident of his slice shop’s success.

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The pizza is proper New York-style, the slices are bigger than your head, and the flavours are unbelievable.

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The New York Slice, my personal favourite, gets an unfair side seat. I can count on 3/5ths of a hand the number of credible versions of my ‘holy grail’ of pizza styles there are here, and Nell’s sits comfortably in 1st place.
Jonny, the unassuming mastermind behind Nell’s Pizza, certainly has the savoir faire to deliver. The owner of the fresh faced and lively bar, Common (the base of Nell’s Pizza operations), has more than a few strings to his bow it seems. We sat down to trace the thread he is sewing into the infinitely magnificent world pizza tapestry.

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Part of the drive behind Nell’s was to create a food business which was more gentle on the environment, using less power, creating less waste, using less meat, buying locally grown responsibly sourced meat and vegetables from small local suppliers.

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Serving whopping 22″ pizzas at Common every week, the NYC-inspired pizzeria also serves their ever-changing pizza menu by the slice – which is perfect for a cheeky little lunch

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Their giant 22-inch pizzas are mammoth, bin-lid style dishes and a must for Manchester foodies looking for a new meal to conquer. Served by the slice, 14-inch, 22-inch and 22-inch half-and-half – Nell’s pizzas are baked New York style with a crunchy base and a variety of toppings like pepperoni and chilli honey, roast garlic cream and black garlic ketchup and a vegan deluxe featuring . Our mouth’s watering just thinking about them.

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Serving up full 22″ pizzas and slices – the largest in Manchester

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With tightening (and sometimes vague) restrictions in Manchester over autumn 2020, Nell’s got international coverage after being informed our slices weren’t classed as ‘substantial’. Here’s some of outlets that covered the controversy:

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