Cornerstone, Kampus

A pub and a pizza shop. Coming soon.

CU1A, 20 Minshull Street, Manchester M1 3EF

Manchester independents Common & Co are set to open a new pub, Cornerstone, and a Nells Pizza shop, at Kampus, the £250m garden neighbourhood being developed by Capital & Centric and HBD.

Founded by husband and wife team Jonny and Charlotte Heyes, Common & Co are the first operator to join the Kampus community, having run Northern Quarter bar Common for the last 15 years.

Cornerstone is the latest concept from the duo. Described as “a traditional boozer reimagined for the 21st century”, it will be a local hang out at the heart of the Kampus community. 

Common & Co are also bringing their legendary giant pizza slices, with Nells Pizza opening up next door to provide the food. Already at Common in the Northern Quarter and The Beagle in Chorlton, Nell’s is famed for its 22” New York style pizzas.

The new premises include plenty of outdoor seating next to the Kampus garden and overlooking the canal, and are set to open in July.

Adam Higgins, co-founder at Capital & Centric said: “Kampus is a whole lot more than just somewhere amazing to live. We’re going to have the best of independent food and drink all centred around the lush garden. Cornerstone will be at the heart of the Kampus community, just like the local pub should be. And if you fancy some pub grub you can walk right through to Nells to grab a slice of pizza to have with your pint.

“More now so than ever, we really wanted to work with independent Manchester businesses and help them recover from what’s been a pretty crap year. Common were one of the first bars in the Northern Quarter and have become a Manchester institution. They’re going to be setting the tone for what we’re creating at Kampus: independent, laid back and for everyone. And the timing couldn’t be better as people start coming back into the city and life gets back to normal.”

Jonny Heyes, Common & Co said: Kampus represents to me a development with a sense of purpose, it kind of knows what it’s about, what it’s for. Lots of developments end up being a bunch of buildings searching for a reason to be, furiously post-rationalising. We got the impression that the vision for Kampus would be something we, as an independent operator could get on board with. It will be a thoughtfully curated selection of independent businesses as part of a neighbourhood ecosystem, which is nice. All it was lacking was a pub (and a pizza shop).”

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